Which category of people generally do not qualify for political asylum?

In the US immigration law, there’s no definition of the categories of people who generally don’t qualify for political asylum. Therefore, the general asylum bars apply to seekers of political asylum in the US.

These bars are as follows:

  • You committed a crime in your home country or in the US.

Note, though, that what’s considered a crime in your country may not necessarily be considered a crime in the US. Simply put, if you escaped from your country because of political persecution, such as a political party or organization in your country used brute force to quiet you as a political leader of the opposition, you might be considered a criminal by that political party. But in the US, this is the exact grounds for receiving asylum – the political persecution for different political opinions.

Still, there are a few cases worth considering.

  • You participated or or initiated terrorist activity, or you are a representative or a member of some terrorist force.

The US government does its best to protect its people from terrorism, so if you helped an assassination squad to organize a political crime, this might be a definite bar to receiving political asylum.

  • You committed a serious non-political crime, such as murder, in your home country (or any country outside the US).

As a side note, parking tickets can hardly be a bar to receiving political asylum in the US. To sum up, you might want to consult an immigration lawyer in your state to figure out whether your crime can be a bar to receiving asylum.

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