What supposed to be photo size for political asylum?

In order to receive asylum in the US, you need to file a formal request, Form I-589, and submit various documents with it as required by USCIS. One of such documents is your photograph.

Your package for asylum application must contain one passport-style photograph of yourself. In case you also include your spouse or child who is unmarried and under 21 years of age, you need to add their photographs too.

Passport style photographs must be 2 by 2 inches (approximately 5.08 by 5.08 centimeters). Note that it doesn’t matter for what type of asylum you’re filing, be it for political, racial, national, or other reasons: USCIS specifies that the photos must have the same size.

Other requirements to your photo for political asylum:

  • White to off-white background
  • Printed on the paper with a glossy finish
  • Unmounted
  • Unretouched
  • In color with full face,

It’s also recommended that you write your name on the back of the photo using block letters.

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