What happens after asylum interview in USA?

During the affirmative asylum process, you need to attend an asylum interview with an asylum officer, who will take decision on your case. After the asylum interview, however, you won’t get any decision yet. Typically, you need to wait for at least two weeks for a decision. During this time, the asylum officer considers that facts that you provided and performs a background check on you to determine whether you earned the right for asylum in the US.

  • There can be different decisions after your asylum interview:
  • You receive a Recommended Approval of Asylum document, which means that you might receive asylum if the background check on you won’t provide any facts against you.
  • You receive a Notice of Intent of Deny document. That is, the asylum officer doesn’t consider you eligible for asylum. You have the right to provide new documentation to prove your eligibility within 16 days. If you fail to provide the any new proof, your case will be closed.
  • You receive a Final Denial in case you do not answer to the Notice of Intent to Deny in time or if your new documents do not convince the asylum officer that you earn the right for asylum.

To increase your chances for receiving asylum, prepare great documentation and your story, and possibly hire an immigration lawyer.

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