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Ukraine Asylum

Many Ukrainians seek asylum in the United States because of a very unstable political situation and “hybrid war” against Russia. Because of constant fear of death due to a conflict and political oppression, Ukrainian refugees may be eligible for asylum in the United States.

Ukraine Asylum

Asylum for Ukrainian Refugees in the United States

Russian armed forces invaded Ukraine in 2014, and over a million Ukrainians became refugees and started seeking asylum in other countries. If you are trying to escape from the front line in Eastern Ukraine and resettle to the U.S., you should know about the American asylum process.

Although according to U.S. immigration laws, you are likely to be eligible for asylum (because of the hybrid war against Russia), that does not mean you will automatically be granted asylum. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will look for opportunities to remove you from the U.S. to a safe territory in Ukraine or even to another country. To know more about the asylum requirements in the U.S., you may read our dedicated article.

To increase your chances for receiving asylum in the U.S., you should also prepare for an interview with the asylum officer. You should prepare your story and evidence to prove that you cannot be removed back to Ukraine to a more safe territory.

Because the U.S. authorities concerned with immigration are even more strict that before, it becomes increasingly difficult for Ukrainians to receive asylum. And although you may apply for asylum on your own, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional immigration lawyer. A lawyer will help you convince USCIS that you are eligible for asylum. And if your case will be review in the Immigration Court, an asylum lawyer will protect you before the Immigration Judge.
Consult an immigration lawyer in the United States to assess your chances for receiving asylum.

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