Tibet Refugees

Asylum for Tibetan refugees is possible in the U.S. because Tibetans are not allowed to support their culture. And Tibetans are often persecuted by the Chinese government. Nowadays, there are more than 10,000 Tibetan immigrants in the U.S.

Given that China conquered Tibet in 1949 and now considers Tibet a part of China, many Tibetans are against China. But the Chinese government tries to oppress any Tibet attempts to save its identity. Tibetans may face the following problems in their home country:

    • Oppression based on religion. Tibet religious activities are forbidden; and many Tibetans are forced to abandon their beliefs.
    • Political oppression. Any political party or activity that is against communism is persecuted by the current Chinese government.
    • Bad education and economy. China does not recognize the necessities of Tibetans.

Asylum for Tibetan Refugees in the United States

If you are a Tibetan and you seek asylum in the United States for the reasons listed above, all you need to do is apply for asylum. You must first verify if you are eligible for asylum. You will have to provide enough evidence that you were or will be persecuted by the Chinese government if you would stayed in Tibet.

Note that if you resettled to Nepal or India, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services may deny your application. Those asylum applicants who resettled in other countries are not eligible for asylum.

We have mentioned only few specific aspects of getting asylum for Tibetans in the U.S. You should contact a professional lawyer to increase your chances for asylum.