Political Asylum for the Turkmen

Turkmenistan is considered to be a rather closed democratic country, which has a presidential form of government. It is part of the CIS and maintains neutrality. Moreover, all spheres of life of the citizens of Turkmenistan are strictly controlled by the authorities. In this country, 89% of the population are Muslims, about 9% of Christians and only 2% of other denominations.

Political Asylum for the Turkmen

Political asylum for citizens of Turkmenistan

It should be noted that all officially authorized religious organizations are tightly controlled by the president and his administration. A special Commission was established, working with various religious denominations and engaged in the examination and verification of all publishing products and the work of the media containing religious information.

Turkmenistan ranks 20th in the list of countries where Christians are most often persecuted. An international organization called Amnesty International presented a report which mentions that human rights are systematically violated in Turkmenistan, which causes indigenous people and national minorities to leave their homeland. Representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation are often subjected to violence and harassment. Turkmenistan is a Muslim country, therefore lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals and other sex minorities are treated negatively here. That is why obtaining political asylum for Turkmen in the United States who are being persecuted on religious or gender grounds is a real chance to start a new life in a country free from prejudice.

Citizens of Turkmenistan can obtain refugee status in the United States who have been persecuted by the authorities according to:

  • Political;
  • National;
  • Religious;
  • Racial;
  • Social motives.

It is best to apply for political asylum for citizens of Turkmenistan, while in America. You can get into the country in various ways (legal and illegal). In this case, no matter how you ended up in the United States, the application for refugee status will still be considered by the Immigration Service.

At the same time, it is necessary to collect a large package of documents that will contain not only your personal data, but also weighty evidence that you were persecuted in Turkmenistan and you can’t continue to be in this country, fearing for your life and health, as well as for your safety. family members. In order to obtain political asylum with one hundred percent probability, you should not only gather a vast evidence base, but also hire a good lawyer with a translator who will accompany you throughout the entire period while your case is being examined in the immigration service or court.

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