Political Asylum for the Taji

At present, in Tajikistan, as well as in other countries of Central Asia, which formerly were part of the USSR, the situation is rather tense. Many people are persecuted on the basis of religion. For example, a large number of members of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan left their homeland last year, since the country’s Supreme Court closed the party’s activities and recognized it as a terrorist organization.

Political asylum for citizens of Tajikistan

  • Religion. There are many reasons why political asylum for Tajiks in the United States becomes the only chance for a normal life. In this country, you can get under the suspicion of the security services, if a person goes to prayer, wears a beard or hijab. The authorities of the country believe that a believer cannot be peaceful and not participate in various terrorist acts.
  • That is why people who are subject to constant attacks and harassment because of their religious beliefs are applying for refugee status.
  • Nationality and race. Very much political asylum for citizens of Tajikistan is provided by the authorities of America, as they belong to national minorities in their homeland. For example, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and other representatives of the former Soviet Union living in the territory of Tajikistan are discriminated against by the local population.
  • Political motives. Harassment of citizens of Tajikistan who are in opposition to the current government is also not uncommon. On this basis, Tajiks may apply for political asylum in the United States. At the same time, they take into account not only immediate threats to the life and health of people from the Tajik authorities, but also cases where the petitioner has not publicly expressed his opinion, but his political preferences may cause a conflict to appear in the future. Basically, journalists, members of the opposition, public figures and members of their families are subjected to such harassment.
  • Social motives. In many countries of the former USSR, including in Tajikistan, people who are members of certain social groups are often persecuted. These include minority sex, people who are victims of domestic violence, the military, dissidents, etc. Since America is serious about the rights of LGBT people, and in Tajikistan they are persecuted, this reason is weighty enough to get political asylum in this country.

In order for a citizen of Tajikistan to be granted political asylum in the United States, it is necessary to carefully prepare all the documents, and also to hire a good lawyer and a competent translator.

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