Political Asylum for the Kyrgyz

In recent years, the world community has been concerned about the issues of regular legal violations against the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. Illegal detentions, torture of people, criminal cases fabricated by law enforcement agencies, the prosecution of opposition parties, the prohibition of peaceful demonstrations — all this makes it necessary to seek political asylum for the Kyrgyz in America.

Political asylum for citizens of Kyrgyzstan

International organizations receive a huge number of complaints indicating that the violation of human rights and freedoms in this country is widespread. That is why political asylum for citizens of Kyrgyzstan is the only chance for a more dignified life in the United States.

  • Harassment of members of national minorities very often becomes the reason for petitioning for American asylum. They experience discrimination in hiring, often unable to move up the career ladder.
  • In the country, Kyrgyz is the state language, and Russian is official, which guarantees equal rights to all citizens of the country. Meanwhile, people who do not speak Kyrgyz, report that there is a “bar” that does not allow them to rise through the ranks.
  • State restriction of freedom of religion also often becomes the reason for granting American asylum to residents of Kyrgyzstan. The authorities restrict the activities of Islamic organizations, as they consider them “extremist”. Members of Muslim communities are prosecuted.
  • Very often, political asylum in the United States was received by members of sexual minorities who were persecuted in their homeland. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of offenses committed by police officers against LGBT people.

All of the above and other factors repeatedly became a weighty reason for providing American citizens with asylum. In order to obtain refugee status, it is necessary to collect evidence and documents that illegal actions were used against you (medical certificates, protocols, testimony, threatening letters, etc.).

It is also very important to find a qualified immigration attorney and a competent translator who is guided in the complex terms of US law that will accompany you throughout the entire process of obtaining political asylum in the United States.

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