Political Asylum for Tatars

Political Asylum for Tatars

According to the Constitution, the Republic of Tatarstan is a secular state, which is part of the Russian Federation. All religious organizations are separated from the state and have equal rights before the law. But, despite the apparent calm and well-being in the country, many people are unhappy with the existing political and economic order.

Political Asylum for Tatarstan Citizens

  • Today, in many regions of Tatarstan, people live on minimum wages that do not allow them to improve living conditions. Also acute is the issue of housing. Even the developed social mortgage program does not provide an opportunity to get good housing, both for young people and retirees.
  • Opposition parties are harassed by the authorities. Their members are subjected to illegal searches and arrests. There is discrimination against people on the basis of party affiliation.
  • The economic situation also makes it impossible for young people to get a good education and realize their plans. Poor medical care in remote regions causes high mortality.
  • Also, members of the Islamic groups in the North Caucasus are starting to become more active, which are pushing the Muslims of Tatarstan to fight against the Russian state.
  • Today, getting political asylum for Tatar non-traditional sexual orientation is the only way out, as they are subject to mass persecution by Muslims and other religious denominations.

Political asylum for citizens of Tatarstan in the United States is an opportunity to start a new life in a free country, where human rights and freedom of choice are valued above all. In order to apply for refugee status, you need to gather strong evidence that you are persecuted in your home country according to political , national, racial, religious or social motives and even relocation inland does not guarantee the safety of life and health of a person and his family members.

The entire evidence base must be correctly and correctly executed and presented in the form of a case, along with other documents required by the Immigration Service of America. Before filing a petition, you should carefully prepare for an interview with an immigration officer, and the participation of a qualified lawyer and translator can guarantee almost one hundred percent success in resolving the question of granting political asylum.

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