Political Asylum for Moldovans

Every year, thousands of Moldovans seek refuge in the United States. Not all applications from Moldovans are accepted. However, about five dozen Moldovans receive asylum every year.

Moldova Asylum

Political Asylum for Moldovans

To apply for asylum in the United States, you must first obtain a visa in Moldova and then move to America. It is true that US immigration laws allow people to illegally enter the United States in an attempt to obtain asylum. But you must provide very strong evidence to the US immigration authorities that you have the right to asylum.

If you do not have convincing documents confirming your claim for asylum, the US authorities may deport you back to Moldova. One of the latest examples of the deportation of the Moldovan people is the case of Alexander Gilan. Mr. Gilan left Moldova and moved to the United States with his work visa. US citizenship and immigration services rejected Alexander’s asylum application because he did not provide substantial evidence.

This means that before you come to the United States, you must check whether your case is fully confirmed by US immigration law related to asylum seekers.

A general recommendation is to contact a professional immigration lawyer who will assist you during an interview at the USCIS office or at an immigration court hearing.

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