Political Asylum for Kazakhstan

At present, the situation in Kazakhstan is quite difficult, so political asylum for Kazakhs in the United States is the only chance to improve their lives. There is no independent body in Kazakhstan that would investigate the facts of torture that comply with the requirements of the UN Convention, there is no public control over places of detention of people in custody, there is no national preventive mechanism.

Political asylum for citizens of Kazakhstan

Citizens of Kazakhstan very often seek asylum in the United States, since the number of violations of rights and freedoms is so great that people cannot feel protected in this country.

  • Constant persecution on the basis of oppositional political views, humiliation of members of national minorities, ethnic prejudices, discrimination in employment and other factors force people to leave their homeland.
  • In Kazakhstan, people are subject to language discrimination. Officially, to apply for a job in state bodies it is not necessary to speak Kazakh, but in practice everything looks different, since many institutions do business in Kazakh. Therefore, Russian-speaking citizens of the country can not get a job and move up the career ladder.
  • The country often records acts of violence against members of sexual minorities. LGBT organizations report that some HIV clinics do not adhere to confidentiality and disclose information about the sexual identity of their patients to their families and employers.
  • Russian-language schools and other kindergartens are closed in the country.
  • Фиксируются факты торговли людьми, насилие над женщинами, социальная дискриминация.

Any facts of persecution and discrimination must be recorded (better documented), as they will significantly facilitate the process of obtaining refugee status. Since the rights and freedoms guaranteed by existing legislation in Kazakhstan are only documentary, citizens of the country can apply for asylum to the authorities USA.

Currently, political asylum for citizens of Kazakhstan is quite simple to get if you approach this issue responsibly. There are many sites on the Net that are ready to provide all the necessary information and assistance in obtaining asylum in the United States.

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