Political Asylum for Georgians

Today, despite the apparent well-being in Georgia, the majority of its citizens can hardly be called free and secure. According to sociological studies conducted regularly by regional authorities in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute of America, about 35 percent of the citizens of this country express dissatisfaction with politics and the economy in Georgia. According to expert estimates, about 400,000 people in Georgia are below the poverty line. Getting a living wage, many citizens of the country can not purchase the necessary equipment, car, real estate, a ticket, etc.

Political Asylum for Georgians

Political asylum for Georgian citizens

Unlike other post-Soviet countries where political chaos is observed, large-scale unemployment becomes the main cause of immigration in Georgia. Getting a job and moving up the career ladder is quite difficult here, and finding a good place with a decent wage is almost impossible.

This factor is the reason that political asylum for Georgians aged 25-45 becomes the only chance to realize themselves and their abilities in the United States. Also, the problem is that young talented people cannot receive the necessary education in order to get a good job in the future and provide for themselves and their children. That is why the ambitious youth seeks to leave their homeland in order to find a more decent life.

Political asylum for citizens of Georgia in America is not only obtaining quality education, well-paid work, social benefits, but also confidence in the future. The degree of English proficiency, availability of education, professional skills and other characteristics are of great importance when applying for refugee status. that will help you quickly adapt to the new society and find your place in it.

It should be noted that a large number of immigrants from Georgia work in the United States of America. They head research laboratories, work in various government agencies, have their own thriving business. There are also many artists, public figures, scientists and musicians among them. But in order to obtain political asylum in the States, the fact of the difficult economic situation in the country and the high level of unemployment are not enough. A weighty package of evidence that you have been persecuted, persecuted and discriminated for political, racial, national, religious or social reasons should be gathered.

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