Political Asylum for Belarusians

Political Asylum for Belarusians

The human rights situation in Belarus is quite tense, so the world community has repeatedly condemned the president’s actions and imposed sanctions against the current members of the government. The United States of America has long provided political asylum for Belarusians, and this is due to the regular persecution of citizens of opposition parties, prohibitions of various social groups, dispersal of peaceful protests, harassment of minority sex, etc.

Political asylum for citizens of Belarus

In most cases, political asylum for citizens of Belarus in the US is served by people who are persecuted for political reasons, but some of the petitions for refugee status are due to persecution on religious or national grounds, as well as on the basis of joining a special social group.

Unlike other countries of the post-Soviet space, it is easier for citizens of Belarus to get asylum, since it is easier for them to prove the existing fears for their lives and health if they are in opposition, since in this case government authorities act as a persecutor.

According to the United States, Belarus is an authoritarian state, since all power is concentrated in the hands of Alexander Lukashenko, who came to power in 1994 and is still the president of the country.

People who applied for asylum suffered from unfair decisions of Belarusian courts controlled by the authorities. Also, journalists from independent opposition publications are often prosecuted for distributing printed materials that criticize the president and those around him.

Corruption in this country has reached a catastrophic scale, and the authorities are not taking any measures to eliminate it.

The rights of national minorities are violated, so people have to seek refuge in the United States, where human rights and freedom is put in the first place. Belarusian authorities everywhere persecute members of minority sex, forbid them to register their communities, and are illegally arrested when trying to hold a public event.

Since the process of obtaining refugee status in the United States is the same for everyone, it is necessary to take into account the features that force you to leave your homeland, collect reliable data and evidence directly related to the persecution by the authorities and individuals. You must also find a qualified immigration attorney who can take into account the specifics of your country, the nature of the persecution and other important factors.

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