Political Asylum for Azerbaijanis

Currently, many residents of Azerbaijan want to immigrate to the United States of America or other EU countries for various reasons. This is mainly due to harassment in their homeland.

Political asylum for Azerbaijanis is the most legal way to settle in the US and get refugee status. Persons persecuted in Azerbaijan may seek asylum using such methods:

  • Obtain status outside the United States (in your own country or in another state) by contacting the United Nations High Commissioner, the Consulate of America or another non-governmental institution.
  • To seek asylum at the American border, but it may be necessary to spend some time in an immigration prison.
  • Fly to the States and petition USCIS for refugee status.

Since it is quite difficult to obtain political asylum for the citizens of Azerbaijan as well as for other residents of the former USSR, many prefer the latter method of legalization.

Asylum seekers from the former Soviet Union come to America on a regular tourist or student visa. Meanwhile, people of any status can apply, the main thing is to do it within 1 year after entering the country.

Political asylum for citizens of Azerbaijan

  • Persecution at home for political reasons;
  • Persecution on the grounds of racism or nationalism;
  • Persecution on religious grounds;
  • Persecution due to belonging to certain social groups.

Since Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, people with non-traditional sexual orientation are subjected to brutal attacks that prevent them from being in their country, and may also threaten their life and health.

The US Immigration Service considers:

  • Illegal arrest;
  • Written or oral threats;
  • Torture, slavery, humiliation, cruel treatment;
  • Impossibility to move around the country without fear for your life;
  • Illegal invasion of privacy;
  • Physical or moral pressure to obtain certain information;
  • Obstacle to education and employment;
  • Confiscation of personal property.

There are also other factors that the immigration service may consider as a fact of persecution in each individual case. In order to properly prepare for the submission of documents and the upcoming interview, you need to contact a good lawyer who deals with immigration issues and will be able to take into account all the details of this process.

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