Political Asylum for Armenians

As practice shows, obtaining political asylum for Armenians in Europe and the United States today is quite difficult. About 97 percent of Armenians who want to get asylum are refused.

Very often, political asylum for citizens of Armenia is the last chance for a normal life, so they resort to various tricks in order to legalize themselves in the United States or one of the EU countries.

But since there is no civil war in Armenia today, people are not persecuted for political reasons, economic immigrants are mostly seeking asylum. And it has become so commonplace that the Armenians are not afraid of even a high failure rate, the likelihood of spending a long time in refugee camps among residents of Pakistan and African countries.

Very often, the reason for the immigration of Armenian citizens is the impossibility of obtaining high-quality medical care at home, due to the flourishing corruption, incorrect diagnoses, falsified drugs, etc.

Political Asylum for Armenian Citizens

Since many residents of Armenia are trying to get political asylum according to bogus documents and unrealistic stories, the immigration service carefully checks every applicant from this country.

In order to get political asylum for Armenians, you need to be well prepared:

  • Collect all necessary documents and convincing evidence of persecution in Armenia;
  • Fly to the territory of the country where you plan to receive refugee status;
  • Submit the application along with the documents;
  • Complete the obligatory biometric procedure;
  • Pass an interview with the immigration officer;
  • Wait until the Immigration Service decides;
  • Get the status refugee

Since experience shows that finding asylum on your own is problematic, you need to find a good immigration attorney and a competent interpreter who is guided by the legislation of the country where you are going to seek asylum. Today there are a large number of Internet sites where you can find all the necessary information about how to get political asylum and what requirements you need to fulfill.

If necessary, the specialists of such resources will be able to answer all questions of interest related to obtaining refugee status, as well as help to arrange all documents correctly.

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