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Nepal Asylum

Nepal Asylum
Given the political situation in Nepal, Nepali can arrive to the United States to seek asylum. But presently, the U.S. government seems very hard towards Nepali who want to escape prosecution in their country for political or religious grounds.

Due to changes that Trump’s administration has recently introduced, Immigration Judges are now more stiff towards asylum seekers and deny many entrants to stay in the U.S. But if you are Nepali, will you be granted asylum? The decision about your case depends on whether you can qualify for asylum. Further below, we will give details on the main grounds for Nepalis to seek asylum in the U.S.

Asylum for Nepali in the United States

The most asylum seekers are coming from Nepal to the U.S. because they fear being persecuted for their political opinion and religion. But as you can see below, you can qualify for asylum for other reasons as well:

    • Political opinion
    • Religion
    • Membership in a particular social group
    • Nationality
    • Race

Once you determine that you are eligible for asylum, you can arrive to the U.S. and apply for asylum. You must also gather enough documentation to prove your fear of persecution. That is, you should take photographs and videos, and copy documents to provide these data to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or the Immigration Judge.

Several years ago a Nepali could enter the U.S. due to being persecuted by Maoists. Now, however, an asylum officer or the Immigration Judge may deny you entering the U.S. because there are no serious threats in Nepal.

Because the current U.S. President administration may drastically change the immigration laws, it is best for you to verify your data. You should consult a U.S. immigration lawyer to know if you case currently qualifies for asylum.

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