Iranian Asylum

Iranian Asylum

Is it possible for an Iranian to receive asylum in the United States? Actually, thousands of Iranian asylum seekers are resettling to America. Iranians are simply willing to escape the cruel political regime in their home country. And according to the U.S. immigration laws, many Iranians do qualify for asylum. We will review the main grounds that Iranians may use to qualify for asylum in the U.S.

Religion and political opinion – The main grounds for Iranians to resettle to the U.S.

The U.S. immigration laws specify five grounds to grant asylum to refugees, but most Iranians qualify for political asylum and religious asylum.

Given that the official religion in Iran is Islam, the Shia branch, the Iranians who convert to Christianity are persecuted by the government. The Iranian authorities throw converted Iranians to the jail or torture them. If you were harmed for your religion in Iran, then you can request asylum in the U.S.

As for politics, there were several protests against the current political forces in Iran. Because the Iranian national economy stagnates, people started to fight for a better government. Unfortunately, such economical instability often leads to civil rights abuse by the government that tries to withhold their power. If you believe that you may be persecuted by the Iranian government because of your political opinion, the U.S. may also grant you asylum.

Note that in both cases we described above, you must present great evidence to prove that you were or would be injured for your religion or political beliefs.

Unfortunately, due to the latest changes to the law made by the Trump administration, many Iranian Christians and other Iranian refugees were denied getting asylum. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and immigration judges are less inclined to grant asylum to refugees, even if the refugees face persecution in their home country.

In order to avoid deportation back to Iran, we advise you to hire a professional asylum lawyer who will protect your right for asylum against the U.S. authorities.

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