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How to write a letter to an immigration lawyer (with sample letter)

Before you contact a chosen immigration lawyer, it’s worth considering how immigration lawyers can help you in the US.

Immigration lawyers know all the intricacies of the immigration laws and can assist during court proceedings. They know how to increase your chances to receive asylum in the US or obtain a green card, visa, or citizenship. The key point of hiring an immigration lawyer is to not only fill out all necessary forms, but also to review your case, find out any grounds for your case to be dismissed by USCIS, and prevent that from happening.

Overall, you may need to hire an immigration lawyer or attorney due to the following:

  • You are in the court proceedings and run the risk of being deported;
  • You need help to obtain asylum;
  • You want to file a request to return to US after you were removed from the country;
  • You filed your application with USCIS, but they declined your request;

When you decide to contact a lawyer, consider adding the following information to your letter:

  1. In the first paragraph, give your name and explain in two or three sentences why you’re writing your letter.
  2. In the second paragraph, expand on your case with more specific details about your immigration case.
  3. Mention any relatives, such as unmarried children below 21 years of age or your spouse, that might need to be included in the request to USCIS

Other recommendations to writing a letter to a lawyer:

  • Get to the point. The first two paragraphs should give the key information to help a lawyer decide whether they’re interested in your case.
  • Be concise. Immigration lawyers are involved in many cases, so avoid wasting their time with unnecessarily long letters.
  • Ask someone to read your letter. Your neighbors might help and remove errors or unnecessary information.

In the package with the letter, include copies of any evidence that support your case. You should not include originals of your evidence into the package to avoid losing valuable documentation. You might also contact an immigration lawyer of choice to know if they have a list of questions you may need to answer in your letter.

Letter example

The following is the sample of a letter you can write to your immigration lawyer. Provide your personal information. If possible, type the letter on a computer.

Your personal information


Physical address, including the city, state, zip code

Mailing address (typically the same as physical address)


Phone number


Name of the immigration lawyer

The lawyer’s address, including the city, state, and zip code

Dear Mr/Ms (name of the lawyer)

Three to four paragraphs explaining your case.

Kind regards,

Your signature

Your name

Enclosed: copies of your documents such as passport, visa, or evidence to support your asylum request

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