How to find a good immigration lawyer

To increase your chances of receiving asylum in the US, you might consider hiring an immigration lawyer. But a question ensues: How do you find a good immigration lawyer?

Consider the following points before you decide to search for an immigration attorney:

  • Double-check whether the lawyer you’re going to hire is an immigration lawyer. 

In the US, there are various categories of lawyers and legal consultants. Given that the US immigration law is very complicated, a legal consultant or a lawyer who is specialized in a different field won’t be able to help you. Ask for evidence such as Immigration Law Certificates or similar documents that prove the worth of the lawyer you found.

  • Ask for references and research the lawyer.

It’s worth spending time on research to understand the level of the immigration lawyer. For example, you can look up the stories in magazines. Additionally, you should ask the lawyer for several references, such as asylum seekers who got real help from the lawyer and received asylum in the US.

  • Don’t look up for an attorney at USCIS or Asylum Office.

Often, you might see people there who offer various services to asylum seekers. However, it’s hardly reasonable for a professional immigration lawyer to spend time looking for a business opportunities in an asylum office.

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