How to check asylum interview date

On January 28, 2019, USCIS announced that asylum applicants can know the current status of their case on the dedicated page Case Status Online. Note that it’s still not possible to know the asylum interview date online: you can only see the case status. Depending on the case status, you will know whether it’s time to contact your asylum officer to get more information about the interview date.

It’s worth noting, however, that you can make use of the new feature on USCIS website only if you started an affirmative asylum process. That is, you legally entered the US and applied for asylum for eligible reasons. In other case, USCIS doesn’t provide this functionality for applicants who started the defensive asylum process.

To check the status of your asylum application, you need to enter your asylum receipt number, which consists of three capitalized letters and a sequence of nine digits. You can find this number on your asylum office receipt. You asylum office receipt number starts with the following three letters depending on the asylum office location:

  • ZAR for Arlington Asylum Office;
  • ZCH for Chicago Asylum Office;
  • ZHN for Houston Asylum Office;
  • ZLA for Los Angeles Asylum Office;
  • ZMI for Miami Asylum Office;
  • ZNK for Newark Asylum Office;
  • ZNY for New York Asylum Office;
  • ZSF for San Francisco Asylum Office.

When you enter your asylum receipt number in the input box on the Case Status Online page, you should see the Next Step is an Interview or Interview is Scheduled message. That is, it’s time to contact your asylum officer to retrieve additional information.

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