How much does a consultation with an immigration lawyer cost

The short answer is it depends. A consultation with an immigration lawyer who has been working professionally for 10 years or more will cost you a pretty penny. But you don’t always have to hire an expensive lawyer.

In fact, many immigration lawyers ask $25-$300 for the first consultation. And further assistance will cost you around $150-$300 per hour and higher.

For example, when you need to file some immigration form with USCIS, your immigration lawyer may costs around $300-$900. If you need to obtain a green card, the cost rises up to $5,000 (which doesn’t include any fees you need to pay to USCIS). Assistance with asylum application is usually cheaper and may cost between $1,000 and $3,000.

Note that during the first consultation the lawyer might not be able to clearly explain your chances to obtain a visa, green card, or asylum. They may need more information to decide on your case. Also note that the prices we provide depend on your eligibility status, the state where you’re going to file your application, and many other aspects.

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