How much do i need to pay lawyer for political asylum?

If you’re considering hiring an immigration lawyer or an attorney to help you obtain political asylum in the US, the price for their services varies depending on several aspects.

These aspects include, but not limited to, the following:

  • The current comparable fee for immigration services in the city you want to apply for political asylum
  • The level or expertise and the amount of experience of the immigration lawyer
  • The specifics of your asylum case whether it is affirmative asylum or defensive asylum process

The generic answer is this: the larger city, the more experienced an immigration lawyer, the higher fees are for their services. And if you’re going through the defensive asylum process, meaning you’re to be removed from the US territory unless you prove your right for asylum in front of an Immigration Judge, the fee for political asylum lawyer also rises.

There’s no point in giving numbers as they are vastly different, starting from a couple dozens of dollars for the first consult and reaching hundredth or even thousands of dollars for each hour when the immigration lawyer works on your case.

Your attorney might ask your to pay – separately – for the following services:

  • Preparing basic documentation for asylum application, such as the application itself, the document acknowledging that they can file forms on your behalf, and so on
  • Each consultation concerning your case
  • Preparation for court hearing on your political asylum case
  • Translation of your documentation to English

To make sure that you can afford hiring an immigration lawyer to win a political asylum case, ask your lawyer for the most comprehensive numbers.

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