How long should I wait for an asylum interview?

USCIS specifies that the most recent asylum applications are prioritized over the older applications. The reason for this approach is to make sure that the asylum seekers don’t try to get authorized to work in the US. USCIS basically wants to make sure that an asylum seeker can be removed from the country at the earliest if this applicant’s request was fraudulent.

USCIS mentions on their website that there are three priorities:

  • First priority are the asylum applications that were rescheduled by USCIS or the applicant. So if you receive an asylum interview appointment notification, and then you contacted USCIS to reschedule the interview, they’ll try to organize the interview as early as possible.
  • Second priority are the applications that are pending for 1 up to 21 days.
  • Third priority are all other applications, starting from the newer ones towards the applications filed later.

Note, however, that your application for asylum may be scheduled even earlier than other applications; but only an asylum office director may decide that it’s necessary to organize an asylum interview earlier than the general rules apply.

The key point is still that USCIS decides when your asylum will take place based on the urgency.

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