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How can I expedite my asylum interview?

It’s often necessary for asylum seekers to formally request USCIS to expedite the asylum interview to obtain asylum. To make such a request, you need to submit your written petition to the Asylum Office that’s processing your case. In the petition, you need to clearly explain the grounds why you want to expedited your asylum interview. Additionally, you have to include evidence, usually medical statements or any other documentation to confirm the urgency.

However, note that even if you file your petition to expedite asylum interview, USCIS may not grant you such a permission. Double check that the reason why you request to expedite your asylum interview is one of the following:

  • You have lost all the financial resources and you filed the initial asylum application in time.
  • You’re filing because of an urgent humanitarian reasons, for example, you family member has a serious medical condition.
  • US government interests, for example, a national security interest.
  • The Asylum Office made an error.

You need to be ready to immediately provide additional documentation to confirm your petition, should a request for such documentation be coming from USCIS.

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