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Can I reschedule my asylum interview?

Often asylum seekers want to reschedule their asylum interview for many reasons, primarily because of health issues. It’s allowed to have your interview scheduled at a different time, but you need to make sure that your asylum officer will be notified immediately after you receive an invitation to the interview.

Asylum seekers can’t set a date for their interview; only USCIS decides when you have to come to an asylum office for an interview. Therefore, as soon as you get an invitation, contact USCIS and explain why you can’t be at their office at the established time. They’ll reschedule your interview.

You can contact the asylum office where you were summoned for an interview by mail, email, or fax. Alternately, you can come to the office and file a form called In-Person Reschedule Request. Note that it’s prohibited for asylum officers to reschedule your interview if you just called them on the phone; they actually need an official document as a proof that you contacted them.

Remember to provide substantial evidence for rescheduling the interview. If you fail to provide any documentation, which can be a doctor-signed document, for example, your request will be declined and you will have to visit asylum office at the specified time.

You retain the possibility to reschedule the interview if you missed your first one. In this case, you only need to formally reschedule the interview during the 45 days after you received the Failure to Appear Warning Letter.

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