Bangladeshi Asylum

Bangladeshi Asylum
As Human Rights Watch accused the Bangladeshi government of detention of dozens of Bangladeshis during the political crisis, many Bangladeshis consider moving to the United States to seek asylum.

Asylum for Bangladeshi in the United States

Human Rights Watch claimed that several hundreds of people were thrown in prison over the past several years, and many others just disappeared. The Bangladeshi who arrived to the U.S. claim that because of hunger strikes and protests they cannot return to their home country. Although Bangladesh Awami League Presidium Member Mohammad Nasim claimed recently that there is no political crisis in Bangladesh, the imprisonment of the leader of Bangladeshi Nationalists Party (BNP) proves the contrary.

If you are trying to escape the difficult political situation in Bangladesh, you may arrive to the United States. But you should also know that many asylum applicants from Bangladesh are often imprisoned in the U.S. because of their racial or religious profiling.

Basically, U.S. immigration authorities consider Bangladeshis being terrorists. The State Department even allegedly shared the names of the asylum applicants to the Bangladeshi government, which violates the international laws.

The Department of Homeland Security openly considers BNP as a tier III terrorists organization. This is the main reason why Bangladeshi, who supported BNP, are deported from the United States back to Bangladesh.

What we are trying to say is that you should be careful when telling your story to the asylum officer in the U.S. Prepare your story and gather documentation to prove to USCIS or the Immigration Court that you are eligible for asylum. Before you arrive the U.S., it is recommended to contact an immigration lawyer who will help you find out if you qualify for asylum.

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